About Me


Hi! Girl addicted to travel here. Been to most countries in Europe so far, from the frozen north to the sunny south, across vast, varied landscapes, small towns and big cities, between planes, cars, boats and trains, the world is my home and I am her child.

When I am not actually travelling, I am mostly dreaming about it. I make plans, research new places, set my destination and eventually take off. My friends call me a planning freak. There isn’t a country I haven’t liked, but my favourite so far is Iceland. And Romania.

I am terrified of heights but love the views from the mountain tops. I prefer nature over cities, though I live in a big city. My favourite time to travel in the EU is September and the perfect way to do so is by car, because it can take me to many hard to get places, compared to a plane or a train. I usually fly to a capital city, rent a car and start my adventure road trip. My husband is truly amazing and supporting of my passion, together we make and excellent team.

So what do I do if I am not travelling, dreaming or planning about it? I am leaving my mark in the world of entertainment by working at a gaming company. I am addicted to Internet. I relax by experimenting with different foods in the kitchen or by painting. I read fantasy books and listen to epic music. And then I dream about travel again.

Got a question for me? Please visit the Contact me page and let me know what’s on your mind. I can give you more info about a place you wish to visit or I can help you plan your trip.

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